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"I would highly reccomend Andrew "

Here are some reasons sellers choose us:

  • State of the art digital marketing

  • Custom property video.

  • Professional Photography

  • More than 10 years of experience

  • Largest Network = Keller Williams

  • Achieved the highest home sale price by area for 2014

  • Knowledge of the local market

She’s very straightforward and honest about a property’s potential, it is clear that she is in this for the best interests of her client - not just to make a quick buck which is the main reason most real estate agents are in that business. She actually cares and does not waste your time on things that she knows, from experience, will not lead to a closed sale or successful negotiation. She is the 5th agent I’ve worked with over the years and was the first, after all those agents, who actually has a brain on her shoulders. Maybe it’s her strong background in working with multiple entities and factors at once or high-level skill set and talents that set her apart from the others... but wow, she’s above and beyond the others (most of whom I am guessing dropped out of high school) and I look forward to working closely with her in the future.
“We highly recommend Andrew”
— https://www.zillow.com/profile/Andrew-Robarge/#reviews
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"Andrew Did a great JOB"

"Andrew found us on-line as we were searching for a vacation home and from the start he distinguished himself from other brokers by diligently and promptly providing us with the information we needed to make good decisions. Very soon, he made himself indispensable with this sound advice and calm demeanor -- helping us navigate a real estate market very different from what we're used to. All the way through identifying properties and negotiating the purchase agreement to all the details of closing Andrew was always completely responsive and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Andrew."


Our dog likes him too!

Andrew Robarge handled both the buying of our new house in Mar Vista and the selling of our old house in Culver City.  He synchronized everything beautifully, got us top dollar,, negotiated with finesse and intelligence and made the usually stressful and complicated buying and selling processes  more simple and enjoyable then we could have possibly imagined.  He made certain that all our bases were covered and got us everything we asked for , including excellent mortgage rates.  He is a subtle, sharp and classy negotiator and always had our best interests at heart.  He was available to us at all times and worked full throttle for our benefit.  We trust him implicity and cannot recommend him highly enough.  Our dog likes him too.